More than 20 years of experience in exporting
vehicles, trucks, cars, 4 x 4 , construction machinery and more ..

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Whatsapp : +32 4 73 75 32 87
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AFRIMEX BELGIQUE   Kwikaard,124   2980 Zoersel ( Antwerp )   BELGIUM

Your automotive partner in Africa.

Afrimex Belgium is specialized in the export of automotive and construction equipment to Africa. As a trader, based close to the port of Antwerp, we guarantee a fast delivery to all destinations.

Thanks to our dynamic team with specific expertise, we can offer you a custom made quality service. We offer transport by ocean freight as well as by air freight to any destination.

With over 20 years of experience, Afrimex Belgium is the ultimate professional partner for your purchase of new 4x4 vehicles, new and second hand trucks, machinery and spare parts.
We offer a quality service and a customized delivery.